There is a ton of information packed into a two day class in the CPO (Certified Pool Operator) Certification course. It can be overwhelming if the student feels unprepared. There is often “Pool Math” and calculations that we have not had to do in some period of time. This can be intimidating. After all, if you work at a single facility (and have for the past five years), how often do you have to measure that pool to see how much water it holds? It is completely understandable that in many cases it may have been five years (or more) since you have had to do some of these things.

That is why we put the following CPO Certification Prep Program.  The program is FREE to use and does not require login. This is not all inclusive, but does provide an opportunity for pre-class preparation. The class itself is fairly quick paced. The instructor has a lot of information to review in the two day class. The videos, by design, are the opposite. I wanted to put something out that was at a much slower pace in order to provide the student with some additional resources. The cool thing about the videos is that you have the ability to pause, rewind, or view multiple times. This gives you the opportunity to insure that you thoroughly grasp the concept. ​​

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How to Pool Filter Sizing

Virginia Graeme Baker P&SS Act

cpo certification PRACTICE test  👇👇👇

CPO Practice Math Test Answer Key


Raising pH With Air

CPO Practice Math Test

cpo certification practice test, cpo study guide, & cpo flash cards 🃏

Pool Shock Calculator 🔢

How to Remove Iron Stains

CDC Fecal Incident Response 💩

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How to Breakpoint Chlorination



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How to Langelier Saturation Index

How to Pool Chemical Dosing

How to Kill Black Algae

How to Identify Pool Surface Problems

How to Test Pool Water

Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants, LLC  Protecting swimmers by reducing hazards at aquatic facilities through education 

Worldwide Pool Operator Certification Headquarters

Watch the Training Videos Below, Take the Practice Test, Continue to Practice with Our Flash Cards!

Pool Gallon Calculator 🔢

How to Remove Copper Stains

Other important stuff👇👇👇

Videos on Pool Problems 👇👇👇

Do you have the skills of a Pool Ninja?

CPO Certification Practice Test

Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Certification Course

For pool pros only!  👇👇👇