What our Pool Operator Certification students are saying:

"Rudy is the best in the business when it comes to pools, pool knowledge, and CPO instruction. I have personally taken his class, and even after 10+ years of running pools I learned so many new skills and tricks of the trade. Additionally Duke University hosted Rudy this past summer and I had several head lifeguards take his CPO course- these students walked away wide eyed and ready to take on pools. Rudy gets an A+ from me and Duke Aquatics!"

- Abi Schaefer, Director of Aquatics at Duke University

​​"Rudy is very knowledgeable when it comes to aquatic facilities and the maintenance that it takes to keep them running successfully. His CPO class was very informative and a great value.I would highly recommend his CPO class for anyone looking to gain knowledge regarding the operation and maintenance of an aquatic facility."

​- Alexander D. Nichols, Assistant Director for Aquatics at University of Georgia

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the CPO Course. You did a fantastic job teaching the course and made it fun while still ensuring all the material was covered. I will highly recommend your class to anyone getting this certification. Thank you so much for everything and I learned a lot in the course that will help me in the future."
- Bill McKinney, Universal Studios 

"Just wanted to pop you a quick email to thank you for making the last couple of days a real joy. Sometimes, being educated is a real drag and a bore. With you, it was vibrant, humorous and engaging. When you’re sitting down all day in class, it can become very tiring but having chosen to be in your class, I found absorbing information and staying ‘in the groove’ was a breeze. Your wit, direction and presentation are bespoke attributes that you have, that makes your course what it is. I thoroughly enjoyed the last two days and I am immensely pleased with my decision to come to you. Thank you!"

David Brylowski, Kissimmee Fl

'​I would like to take the time out to thank Rudy Stankowitz for being an excellent instructor.  This CPO course was excellent.  I have gained amazing skills and have been able to stand out from my peers with having a beautiful pool.  The class was very informative and fun.  The way that he makes complex measures simplified is astounding.  I recommend that anyone who is trying to obtain their CPO license take Rudy's class.  In no way, shape, fashion or form can you be dissatisfied."
-Antonio Neal,  Atlanta GA

"Thank you so much for the last couple of days. A little scary coming to another country to do a course in a subject you have absolutely no idea about! You taught very well and I feel confident that I have a good Base I can now build upon. ​​I traveled to Florida from England the day before the course started with no knowledge at all. Rudy made the course very enjoyable whilst teaching all you need to know to succesfully complete the CPO. I passed with flying colors and I cannot recommend or thank Rudy enough." 

​- Richard Attwell, Attwell Holdings, Buckinghamshire, England 

"Thank you, Rudy. In my past life I was a Professor at Radford University in VA and was extremely impressed with your ability to capture the attention of the room. Adult teaching isn't an easy task and you are absolutely the best adult teacher I've seen with delivery. I hope everyone in the Certified Pool Operator class did well. Nice work!"   
- James Wood, The Swim Revolution, Smyrna GA

"I had a great time in class. The visual aids and chemistry experiments we did were very helpful. The Jeopardy style review session was second to none! I will definitely take away a lot from your class, but the thing that will always stick in mind (whether it's in the pool business or any other career I may have) is when you said, "Be the pool guy you would want to have." - That's when the light bulb lit up over my head. "

- Daniel Gleason, Spring Hill FL

"I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your class. You took very bland material and made it interesting. The class was fun and interactive, making it one of the best classes I have been to many years."

- Jordan Sasser, Glynn County Parks & Recreation, Brunswick, GA

"The CPO class was very educational and I highly recommend anyone who is interested in aquatics, maintenance or furthering their knowledge in general take this class. The instructor did a wonderful job!"

- Michelle Weydert, Program Coordinator, City of Gainesville Parks Recreation & Cultural Affairs, Gainesville FL 

"I was nothing but impressed with your knowledge of the subject matter & the way you taught the CPO Course. I haven't stopped talking about the class or you as an instructor since I got back. Yesterday as I went out on my route to service my commercial accounts I felt energized & ready to implement some of the new procedures/formulas you taught me. I will be contacting you soon to discuss bringing you on board for consulting. Thank you very much Rudy!"

-  Leland Jacobson, Owner, Aqua Care Pool Services, Longwood FL

"Thank you! I really enjoyed the class and it certainly broadened my understanding, or lack thereof, with regard to commercial pools."

- Erin Thibodeau, Retail Manager, Pace Pool & Spa Service, Inc., Pace FL

"Rudy is a proficient, personable instructor with a very likeable teaching style. He knows more about pools than anyone I've met. It clearly shows as he leads the classroom."

- Anthwan B., Centers for Disease Control

Thank you!!!! You conducted a very informative and entertaining class and I really appreciated being a part of it. You were really great and explained everything extremely well.  I really liked the stories of your experiences and also your addition of the "Jeopardy Style" Pool review .  A very creative concept!

- Meegan Wilson, Aquatics Director, The 300 Club, Gainesville FL 

"I highly recommend this CPO Course! Rudy is an amazing instructor who has a great teaching style, tons of experience in the field, and most importantly, really cares about the material he is teaching. He had answers for all of my questions, and I ask a lot of questions. I wouldn't want to take this course with anyone else."

- Lindsay Mayer, Aquarist/Petting Zone Animal Keeper, Brevard AAZK President, Brevard Zoo

"Of the hundreds of professors I've had, I've decided none of them compare. You may not realize it, but you do more for people than provide the means necessary to earn a certificate. You're an example. Hell, you may even be a counselor & not even know it. Bottom line is I leaned a ton in your class & enjoyed myself. I also absorbed some other things aside from the text, which I guess is my point. You've found your calling, truly love what you do, and it was all "by accident," for lack of a better term. It's plain as day (to me) that this is your calling. When people tell you they really, really enjoyed it, I have a feeling they mean it in a similar manner as I. So, just in case I'm the only one you may hear it from -THANK YOU FOR THE IMPACT YOU HAD ON ME. The class is essentially free considering your intangibles. "

- Tanner Harrell, Bainbridge GA

"I now have a good understanding of the chemistry involved with maintaining pools/spas as well as a solid grasp of the many legal aspects & liabilities of maintaining a public pool. I was impressed with your subject knowledge & being able to give concise answers to the many questions you fielded from myself & the rest of the class. I will recommend your Certified Pool Operator Course to others in my field that may need to take charge of a public pool or spa."

- Bruce Landis, The Collier Companies, Gainesville FL

"You're one of the best instructors I've had in ages! You are VERY knowledgeable. You knew how to break the ice when we were nervous. Most of all, I really appreciated the email of my passing your class. Thank you for everything Rudy!"

Felix Despiau, Saint Augustine FL

"I haven't been to school for anything in a long time and I was afraid that I wasn't going to understand the CPO Course material ect. But Mr. Rudy was a great instructor and taught in a way that was easy to absorb and explained everything very well...it wasn't boring either. Thanks Rudy"
- Derek Fogg, Crawfordville FL

"Rudy was professional and very understanding/empathetic to the attendees. His delivery is very effective and easy to learn from."
- Todd Harris, Gainesville FL

"Hi Mr. Rudy. Thanks for a great class! Now I only swim in the ocean lol. Your passion and knowledge is what made it for me. If your in the neighborhood stop by for a visit."

- Walter Baum, Lifeguard, City of Delray Beach FL

"Thanks Rudy, your CPO course presentation was excellent! I have been in numerous presentations in my previous life, this was one of the best, you challenged us but were fair in letting us know what to expect."

​- Mike Barnhart, RDF Associates, Wort Walton Beach FL

​"Your pool operator class made me gain the confidence I needed to make a change in my life for the better. I will forever be grateful"

- Sande Bard-Butler, Big Kahuna Pools, Palm Harbor FL

​​"Absolute best educational investment that I have ever made. Rudy Stankowitz is not only brilliant in water chemistry and the pool industry, but has the willingness to teach thoroughly to each and every one of his students. Taking the CPO course with Rudy has completely enriched my knowledge of water chemistry and proper pool operator techniques. Thank you Rudy!!!"

​- Mare Prettyman, A Grande Choice, Englewood FL

"Great pool class! Rudy is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help during and after classes."

- Frank Molimock, Blue Water Pools, St Augustine FL

​"Just wanted to say that Tom was great and very helpful and informative. If there is a review that I can leave on your site send me the link to give you 5 stars. "

​- Samuel Arteaga, Streamline Pool Service, Lehigh acres, FL

"The class was great. You are an excellent engaging instructor. I was dreading this class. The last time I took was probably 20 years ago and I remember it being so boring and tedious.  I wish you had been in California to train my employees - Most didn't pass the first time and really didn't GET it "

- Dennis Slater, Sarasota FL

"Just wanted to again thank you for making the course interesting and enjoyable.  Your levity and breadth of knowledge made the learning experience a very good one.   Guess we will see you sometime within the next 5 years. Wishing you safe travels home or your next destination.   Thanks again"

​- Fred Broussard, Panama City Beach FL

​"Thank you!  By the way, I already put my new skills to use after the hurricane.  I had to completely clean our community pool and spa, and had to check chemicals and even added some!  Brought my readings to a perfect score in a couple of hours!!! Yeah!  I got serious brownie points for it too!!  Thanks again."

​- Adina Lewis, Community Association Manager , Leland Management, Ocala FL

​​"Thanks Rudy!  You are awesome!  Thanks for making the 2 days fun and informational.  I couldn’t have done it without you!  :)   See you in 5 years!"

- Machel Nicholson, Pensacola FL

​​" I recently received my CPO certificate in the mail and I just wanted to take a quick second to thank you for your knowledge and teaching. Your class was informational, enjoyable, and we had some good laughs. I look forward to taking what I’ve absorbed in your teachings into the real world. Again, thank you for all you do!"

- Tyler Mullennax, Bradenton FL

Florida Certified Pool Operator® Class - Georgia Certified Pool Operator® Class: 

CPO® (Certified Pool Operator®) classes currently available in the following cities: CPO Course Gainesville, Florida; CPO Course Ocala, Florida; CPO Course Jacksonville, Florida; CPO Course Saint Augustine, Florida;  CPO Course Fort Walton Beach, Florida; CPO Course Panama City, Florida; CPO Course Tampa, Florida; CPO Course Tallahassee, Florida; CPO Course Savannah, Georgia; CPO Course Columbus, Georgia; CPO Course Augusta, Georgia; CPO Course Athens, Georgia; CPO Course Thomasville, Georgia; CPO Course Roswell, Georgia; CPO Course Tifton, Georgia; CPO Course Waycross, Georgia; CPO Course Macon, Georgia; CPO Course Clearwater, Florida; CPO Course Valdosta, Georgia; CPO Course Albany, Georgia; CPO Course Daytona Beach, Florida; CPO Course Atlanta, Georgia; CPO Course Lakeland Florida; CPO Course Delray Beach, Florida; CPO Course Orlando, Florida; CPO Course Pensacola, Florida; CPO Course Miami, Florida; CPO Course Cape Coral, Florida; CPO Course Clermont, Florida; CPO Course Sarasota, Florida; CPO Course Port St. Lucie, Florida; CPO Course Brunswick, Georgia; CPO Course Fort Lauderdale, Florida; CPO Course Punta Gorda, Florida; CPO Course Bradenton, Florida; CPO Course Melbourne, Florida; CPO Course St. Petersburg, Florida; CPO Course Spring Hill, Florida

Same Day Test Results

"Thank you so much!!! I have learned so much from you and I will always remember the things you taught me. Rudy, you made the CPO Course a lot of fun and also made it very interesting. I just love your teaching style. I will definitely keep in touch. I am so excited!!!"
- G.P. Harris, Holiday Inn & Suites, Pensacola FL

"You are a great teacher! This is the third time I have received my Certified Pool Operator Certification and the most I have ever got out of any of the classes. This is the first time all of the information has made sense."
- M. Shiver,  New Horizons Village, Lecanto FL

"Thank you Rudy. I was told that CPO Courses were boring and far from interesting. Not with you, I really enjoyed and learned a lot. Thanks again."        
- Orlando J. Acosta,  Aloft Hotel, Jacksonville FL

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